The Agreement of the Predicate with the Subject

As a copy editor, one of the most important aspects of writing that I come across is agreement between the predicate and the subject. This agreement is essential to ensure that the meaning of the sentence is clear and easy to understand. In this article, we`ll explore the rules of agreement of the predicate with the subject and how this can affect SEO.

Firstly, it`s essential to understand what the predicate and subject are. The subject is the noun or pronoun in the sentence that performs the action or is being described. The predicate is the verb that describes the action or state of being of the subject. In other words, the predicate tells us what the subject is doing or what condition it is in. The agreement between the predicate and subject means that they must match in number and person.

For example, if the subject is singular, the predicate must also be singular. If the subject is plural, the predicate must also be plural. For instance, `The cat sleeps` is correct because the singular subject `cat` agrees with the singular predicate `sleeps`. But `The cat sleep` would be incorrect as the singular subject `cat` doesn`t match the plural predicate `sleep`.

Similarly, it`s also important to ensure that the person of the subject matches the person of the predicate. For example, if the subject is in the third person, the predicate must also be in the third person. In the sentence `He walks to school`, the singular subject `he` matches the singular predicate `walks` in the third person.

Now, how does this affect SEO? Well, search engines like Google prefer well-written content that follows the rules of grammar and syntax. If the content is optimised for SEO and has grammatical errors, it may rank lower in search results. This is because Google`s algorithm is designed to recognise well-written content that matches the user`s search intent. Search engines value readability and user experience, which are achieved through good grammar and sentence structure.

In conclusion, correct agreement between the predicate and the subject is essential for clear and effective communication. It ensures that sentences are grammatically correct and easy to understand. For those in the content writing industry or seeking to optimise their website for SEO, it`s critical to ensure that sentences are well-crafted and free of grammatical errors. This will help achieve better search rankings and improve user experience.